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FireCAD™ Build 2018.08.2

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  • FireCAD™ Build 2018.08.2

    Posted Date 08/21/2018 (If you installed the application after this date, you are already updated)

    To get the update, use the 'FireCAD Update Utility' link on the desktop, or the 'Check For Updates' command from within the program. You can also download the update with the direct links below.

    *Download Links*

    FireCAD 2019 Web Update (Requires 2019 Standalone)
    FireCAD 2018 Web Update (Requires 2018 Standalone)
    FireCAD Add-in for AutoCAD 2016-2019

    Installation Instructions:
    Please download the update for the appropriate licensed version(s) of your software above.
    Close any running instances of AutoCAD, FireCAD and/or the Cadgen Database Utility
    Run the installer(s) downloaded above and follow the prompts to install the updates.

    New Features:
    • Added new layer options to the options dialog. Wirepath Label Layer can now be defined, or set to use existing layers. Layer options can be left blank to use active layer.
    • New columns have been added to the database. These include ListPrice, HoleQty, CreatedByUser, EditedByUser, LastEditDateTime, CreatedDateTime, Notes, BatteryCalcCurrentAlarm, AssemblyTotalAvailableCurrent, AssemblyTotalAvailableWatts, AssemblyBatterySizeList, GenerateBatteryCalculation, BatteryCalcCurrentStdby, and DefaultColumn. In the coming weeks these columns will be populated to enhance battery the calculation reports and database change tracking.
    • Clone project template has been added to the database editor.
    • Added new command to export the BOM report to Excel. Added to the Reports ribbon panel and command line, 'atexport_bom_report'.
    • Added new command to export all project data to Excel. Added to the Reports ribbon panel and command line, 'atexport_project_data'. This includes sheet detailing all device quantities with all available database properties, as well as a sheet with all connection data. This is a useful export to use for integration into existing Excel templates, or internal business processes.
    • Improved riser layout of t-tapped circuits. Updating wirepath labels is not required before using the t-tap riser option and branches are more organized.
    • The database editor device export feature has been improved and now generates the export file much faster. New columns mentioned above have been added to the export file format.
    • Added better cable description to the output circuit grid in the database editor.
    • Improved speed of the circuit list refresh in the circuit palette.
    • Improved speed while saving the project file.
    Bugs Fixed:
    • Fixed active layer and color reset issue after report generation.
    • Polyline and spline commands now assign the active color to new segments.
    • Invalid layer names set in options are now corrected.
    • Fixed database editor cable description and manufacturer column display.
    • Removed circuit length passthrough from riser modules connected to a riser circuit. Riser circuits now report only the length of wiring associated with the riser circuit.

    For support, please email [email protected]

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