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Missing attribute labels on NAC device objects

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  • Missing attribute labels on NAC device objects

    I am having a problem with one of the drawings in my project. For some reason, the object attributes of the NAC devices I add no longer display (eg. cd rating, location description, etc). Previously, when placing a new device, the device would show the the cd rating and speaker wattage tap (even when not connected to anything). In this particular drawing, none of that appears. It ACTs as if it is doing it (when adding a location attribute, for example), but it doesn't display on the drawing. I have looked and searched for a setting and compared layers with another drawing in the project that IS working properly.

    I've tried deleting the drawing from the project and readding it. Uninstalling/reinstalling FireCad 2019.

    Attached is a screen shot of the "bad" drawing.